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Medical Emergencies For Dental Practices

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The General Dental Council (GDC) advises that all members of staff in the dental practice who might be involved in dealing with a medical emergency are trained and prepared to deal with such an emergency at any time.

This 35 minute on-line learning module includes a comprehensive video delivered by an expert Emergency Medicine doctor to teach the symptoms, signs and management of medical emergencies.

This includes the conditions of syncope, hypoglycaemia, epileptic seizures, asthma, anaphylaxis, and cardiac chest pain. After watching the video, your staff can undertake ten multiple-choice questions to confirm understanding.

Successful completion will trigger a CPD certificate from Worksafe Training

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On Wednesday 30th November, my son’s teacher collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. I gave chest compressions and another parent gave rescue breaths until the paramedics arrived.

I did not think on that day I just “did”. I remembered my training, checking for signs of life, the recovery position and the importance of chest compressions and not stopping until the paramedics arrived. I even managed to shout out some instructions to the people there.

Without this excellent vital hands on training I had received from Andy Carr of Worksafe Training the outcome here probably would not have been a good one. During our training, Andy who is also a Community First Responder had explained to us survival rates, and how important CPR is in the first few minutes and until the Paramedics arrive. The teacher is currently recovering at home.

Basic lifesaving skills saves lives-fact.

Joanne McCarthy, West Heath Dental Practice

I updated my training last Thursday 23rd Jan. I then went away for the weekend, and had to put CPR into practice as a guest where we were staying stopped breathing. Between 3 of us guests we worked until the ambulance arrived after about 10 minutes and they used the defib which worked and they took her to hospital.

I just wanted to thank you for the training last week, which gave me the confidence to do what I could, I had hoped I wouldn’t ever have to use it.

The ambulance service (on the Isle of Wight – where we were) rang the following day to praise us for our attempts which was comforting as the event is still upper most in my mind. Thanks again Adam , just wanted you to know that your course really helped me.

Maureen Mason, 606 Dental Practice, Solihull

Adam Joyce is, quite simply, the best CPR/AED trainer I have come across. He is knowledgable, enthusiastic and likeable. His sessions are interactive and engaging. His passion for the job is apparent in everything he does and he always receives excellent feedback from the Foundation Dentists.

Dr Robin Richardson, Programme Director, Worcester Dental Foundation Training Scheme

We have used Worksafe Training for CPR training at our dental practices for many years. The instructors give excellent guidance, advice and support and the confidence for when, one day, we may need to perform CPR.

Deana Chapman, Practice Manager, Face Dental and The Smile Centre, Coventry

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We will:

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    • Certificates and CPD where appropriate to you within 14 days of training
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  • Deliver realistic, relevant, scenario-based training, maximising productivity in the time available

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